The first one replacement for dental bones

Bone mimetism

A promising biomedical star in Biome, founded by a researcher at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), has developed a bone substitute for dental needs and has already gained world recognition. The first Lithuanian to replace the bone substitute for cellulose called Cell in.

Bone graft surgery

The first officially documented bone graft surgery was performed by Dutch surgeon Job van Meekren in 1668. He injured a soldier to fill the skull bone defect with a skull bone block. The bone substitute was withdrawn after two years at the request of the patient. Because he was going to visit the church, which was rejected for such a serious sin. One of the most common operations in these days, bone regeneration procedures are among the most commonly performed tissue transplant operations, which are only popular for transplantation of the bone. The huge need for bone substitutes for these operations is steadily increasing. The Biomes core is a team of scientists led by Professor Jolanta Liesiene, professor of the Department of Polymer Chemistry and Technology, Faculty of Chemical Technology, KTU, working with the team of academic surgeons led by Professor Gintaras Juodzbalis, faculty of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU), Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. Dental Bone Graft

Cellulose and hydroxyapatite

People will create a unique composition composite made of natural polymers – cellulose and hydroxyapatite. It has its own structure and qualities, which corresponds to natural bone and does not have an analogue in Lithuania. When injured or injured, the bone becomes weak and dying. The bony duct may even disappear evenly and in a timely manner than the healing of the tooth. Then he just does not have enough to throw the implant on the dent.

Scientists and surgeons come to this aid. In the field of dentistry, bone substitutes are used for bone regeneration operations in order to restore the need for implantation of the mandible bone duct. Bone defects may occur due to various causes: trauma, cyst or tumor ablation, if lacrimal teeth are not taken for a long time without lining the dentition of the liver, also affect the disease, for example, periodontitis. When the mandible bone is not enough to tap the implant, a bone augmentation operation is performed by the surgeon dentist. He then selects the most suitable bone substitute. The patient is not required to make such a decision.

“There are many bone substitutes in the international market, new materials are being developed. We also investigate where we try to improve. The most important thing is not to be first, but to be flexible and unique, the best solution that is needed at that time, “said prof. J. Liesiene According to scientists, the use of non-synthetic and natural polymers, for example cellulose, is used to create a substitute for bone. It is hard to disappear in humans because it is not a fissure.

Cellulose easily adjusts to the body, it gets into solid furs. Generally speaking, the bone replacement block will remain for a long time to form a blood vessel network and to replenish the bone defect, but at the same time it will be foreign to you without giving any harmful decomposition product to humans. In addition, I received a porosity of the bone substitute, all in line with the morphology of human bone. The “Cell” in replacement helps to effectively mitigate the complex and costly process of implantation of the tooth, time and cost, and patient dissatisfaction.

Future Plans – Everyone Rebuilding Bones For the purpose of commercialization of the research and experimental development results, a starter-company Biome has been commissioned. It is funded by the Science, Innovation and Technology Agency (MITA). “Business and scientific cooperation is a very interesting and delicate process. Some have a good technological knowledge, others are well on my market processes. By working together a friend, unanimously and unitedly, by raising common goals, we can achieve a very successful result “- shared the thoughts of the KTU professor. The development of a substitute for the biome “Biome” is not limited to the further development of this technology – the development of advanced bone substitutes in the future will allow all of us to restore the bone that is dead, regardless of the size of the defect. Unlike the usual practice, the company creates bone substitutes in a granule instead of 3D blocks.

The surgeon can scalpel itself by cutting and shaping according to the required parameters

This will allow filling the entire bone defect, and through the macroporet bone replacement matrix, the patient’s blood vessels will grow easily, forming the required network. The growth of the patient’s bone will be encouraged, and the bone replacement will gradually become absorbed and degenerate. In his place, a new, durable bone of the patient will recover. Need to prove “Undoubtedly, the main project of ours is the commercialization of cellulose and hydroxyapatite bone composites according to the existing joint venture agreement with KTU. This is our priority, the largest idol-rich project. However, this procedure isn‘t very cheap, but do not stop here. You can try various ways to get money – work 24 hours, play live dealer casino, or get a bank loan. We are now concentrating on a few very promising projects, “says Kristina Liese, Director of Biomes, with excellent results in her first performance.

According to her, building a high technology company is a big step and a big responsibility. “The biomedical field does not have a good idea and potential to grow rapidly. It still needs to be proven that your idea is effective. For this we have to carry out in-depth, complex and very expensive in vitro and in vivo studies. Some of them are unique, only done in the scene. Moreover, as long as the company does not have the experience and financial stability, it has to be constantly proven that you are promising, worthy of the belief that the assets of the company are not the quantity of people employed, but they are created with added value, “says Liese.

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